The ADVUX story.

Tradition and innovation are not opposites – but two sides of the same coin. At ADVUX Software GmbH that is actual reality. Founded in 2015, we feel committed to a company tradition lasting over 200 years. It was an internal project for the new development of the device software for the tensiometer, contact angle and foam measuring devices of KRÜSS GmbH from which ADVUX Software GmbH emerged as a spin-off.

The family business KRÜSS GmbH, owner-managed for eight generations and based in Hamburg, goes back to an optical workshop founded in 1796. In the long history of the company various inventions came about in the area of measuring technology and optics. These include among others a “wonder camera” based on the magic lantern popular all over the world, the first processor-controlled tensionmeter and the first instrument for mobile, fully automatic measurement of the free surface energy of solids. Together with its headquarters in Hamburg, KRÜSS GmbH has branches and representation in 27 countries and runs its own laboratories as well as a training centre on interface chemistry.

In 2012 KRÜSS GmbH began to develop completely new software for its measuring equipment. The user experience and the performance of the existing solutions were unsatisfactory. And it had been recognised that a further version upgrade of the existing software solutions would not be able to meet the requirements of future technologies, of the market and of their own development objectives. “Advancing your Surface Science” – was the guiding principle of the development project at the end of which a piece of software was to be created that united the attention to detail of science and the user experience of modern consumer devices. For this KRÜSS took proven software experts with a lot of know-how in the areas of software architecture, development and usability on board and massively increased the developer capacities. The new software KRÜSS ADVANCE was a resounding success – both on the customer side globally and within the company.

As a development team, we have shown that science and user experience can be united in one piece of software. Project completed? No, we are continuing our mission as an independent business. From the guiding principle of the KRÜSS development project “Advancing Your Surface Science” arose the name for the spin-off: Advancing User Experience – ADVUX

Management team.

Florian Weser

Florian Weser is the founder and driving force behind ADVUX Software GmbH. In 2011 he was the eighth generation to take over the management of the family business KRÜSS GmbH – world market leader in the area of surface and interface chemistry – from his father. One of his first projects: the new development of control and analysis software. From this project arose ADVUX. In addition the business graduate brings several years’ experience from management consultancy.

Robrecht Scheepers
Managing Director

Robrecht Scheepers is the ADVUX software mastermind. The Belgian has a Master in Computer Engineering and draws on 10 years’ experience as a software developer and software architect in international development projects. He had managerial responsibility for the development of the ADVANCE software platform at KRÜSS GmbH and now manages business activities at ADVUX.

Sebastian Martens
Software Architect

The business IT specialist Sebastian Martens brings more than 15 years’ experience from software development and consulting into the ADVUX team. In numerous development projects he took on a leading role in the design of the user interfaces and the architecture of web, desktop and database applications. He too was involved in the development of the ADVANCE software platform at KRÜSS GmbH.

Ina Everts
Executive Assistant

Ina Everts is on board at ADVUX for internal processing and sales and marketing support.

Benjamin Jeuthe

Benjamin Jeuthe has been supporting the ADVUX project since the beginnings in KRÜSS GmbH and is now responsible for marketing at ADVUX.