Research & Development

Successful Release of KRÜSS ADVANCE 1.6

Hamburg, 24/11/2016

Nearly one year ago, we presented you on our website the showcase to the Software KRÜSS ADVANCE. Back than, the Version 1.4 was just ready and almost every instrument could now use ADVANCE as software. But meanwhile another update for ADVANCE was launched – version 1.5. Here are the main advantages at a glance:

  • Performance improve for all instruments when accessing the measurement database.
  • The height-width method for contact angle measurement can now also be used automatically instead of only manually.
  • Subsequent re-analysis of images for existing results can now be carried out automatically for several measurements or even all measurements with a particular test liquid.
  • For a paused background recording (video buffer) it is now possible to set the timer to zero for a particular frame and to carry out a frame-by-frame analysis for a chosen sequence of the video.
  • Exporting the results as an Excel file can now be integrated in an automation program.

With the new version 1.6 the software is even more powerful

We have designed Version 1.6 for measurements with particularly high volumes of data. ADVANCE 1.6 processes and exports long-term measurements or analyses with high time-resolution at outstanding speed. And you will also benefit from the software’s short loading and response times with all other applications.

Next to the better Performance ADVANCE 1.6 offers new features for some measuring instruments compared with the previous version 1.5:

  • When analyzing foam structure, you can now export the histogram data (bubble size distribution with respect to time) in different formats.
  • We have simplified the capillary calibration. This is now carried out fully automatically with one click after positioning the calibration cone. You can now also select several results simultaneously to re-analyze their associated images with different parameters.

Here you can find more information to the ADVANCE 1.6 release: