Showcase KRÜSS GmbH.

KRÜSS GmbH is a manufacturer of scientific measuring equipment and is the global market leader in the area of interface and surface chemistry. The product portfolio consists of 3 device lines: tensiometers, contact angle measuring devices and foam analysers.

KRÜSS devices are operated almost exclusively by specially developed software. From setting up the instruments and setting the measurement parameters to reading out the measurement data and data analysis, right to finally data export, all steps are carried out in the software.

The initial situation

For each device line, KRÜSS had its own software products that had been repeatedly extended and supplemented over the years but were partly based on obsolete software standards. Because of the diversity of the individual software products, cost and complexity of development were very high, there were rarely synergy effects between the individual development teams, knowledge transfer was scarcely possible. In addition each piece of software had a different appearance.

It was recognised that a further version upgrade of the existing software solutions would not be able to meet the requirements of future technologies, of the market and of their own development objectives.

The requirements

For KRÜSS GmbH it was clear that in future a standard software platform should be provided for all device lines. The new software should bring significantly more quality and productivity both for the user and the developer.

  • Scientific precision of data capturing
  • Great functionality (automatic measurements, etc.) but GLP conform
  • Stability and safety (data saving, undo of deletion, etc.)
  • Flexibility towards the future
  • Unity of GUIs between instrument groups (functional and optical similarity)
  • Applicable for both “first users” and “experts”
  • Straight forward usability (ergonometric)
  • Cleaned up workspace and beautiful design

The solution

The software platform KRÜSS ADVANCE was delivered for the first time after two years’ development time. The architecture is completely modular, which means that all device lines fall back on the same core software and, depending on application, only device-specific modules are supplemented or replaced. The software now offers a standard user interface and a standard operating concept over all device lines and measurement methods. Resonance with the customers is overwhelmingly positive, the well thought-out usability enables quicker working and more results in a shorter time.

With the newly published Version 1.4, KRÜSS ADVANCE has replaced almost all earlier software products. KRÜSS today proudly presents the result and the team is pleased with the extent of the positive resonance and the economic success. In spite of the high costs, the project has today almost paid off through the increase in turnover in the two-digit percentage area for the product lines with the new software.

Hamburg, 5th November 2015

Cornelius Weser, Managing Director KRÜSS GmbH

“The software is today an elementary component of every analysis device and it will play an even greater role in future. With the completely newly developed KRÜSS ADVANCE software we have created the basis to carry forward our success story and further consolidate our leading position in the market.“

Dr. Udo Ohlerich, Head of Sales KRÜSS GmbH

“Previously, for us in Sales, the software was a topic that we treated rather passively. With the introduction of the KRÜSS ADVANCE, this has turn round 180 degrees. This software is the face of our devices that we like to show; it enables very quick access and is impressive all along the line. With this we have a clear competitive advantage and an important reason to buy on our side.”

Torben Schörck, Head of Research & Development KRÜSS GmbH

“The KRÜSS ADVANCE platform allows us to stay permanently in the fast lane with our development work. The modular architecture of the software enables us to develop more quickly, more efficiently and more flexibly. Instead of isolated solutions for individual products, we now create features that are in principle usable across products. We no longer respond to the requirements of the market and the technological environment but we actively move forward.”

Martin Jungsbluth, Head of QA & Service KRÜSS GmbH

“Since the introduction of the KRÜSS ADVANCE we deal with individual, specific technical questions significantly more frequently in our customer service. There are not really queries on the general operation of the software now. Our customers work considerably more productively with the KRÜSS ADVANCE software, obtain results more quickly and now approach us with very specific questions to raise the quality of their work even further.”