The user at the center.

“Have you ever read any instructions for an app on your smartphone? I haven’t. I expect software to be intuitive to use and self-explanatory. Has long been standard in the consumer area but hard to find in the B2B area particularly for laboratory measuring equipment. Why?”

– Florian Weser, Founder of ADVUX

In the development of measuring equipment software is rarely of prime importance. The main thing is the development of the hardware with the focus on measuring technology and precision. Device control software is frequently written by scientists or electrical engineers as an accessory – “just added on”.

This is particularly interesting considering the fact that everywhere the demand for functionality (e.g. automation) is increasing and measuring procedures are becoming more complex. The software is taking on more and more tasks. It is now no longer an accessory to the hardware but is becoming the main interface between human and machine – the user interface is becoming the actual face of the measuring device.

The world of consumer software is showing us what is possible. We at ADVUX have the task of developing software with outstanding functionality and operability in a modern design. We are convinced that, even for complex systems, the software can be intuitive, clearly arranged and self-explanatory.

Our aim is software that leaves a positive experience – a great user experience. Whether control software for scientific lab measuring equipment or an application for data management, the user is at the centre. ADVUX stands for: Advancing User Experience.

What we offer.

For three years, with a team that has in the meantime grown to 25, we have fine-tuned a universal software platform for laboratory equipment. The modular system can be adapted and individualised for almost any conceivable measuring device.

If you would like to improve your measuring device software or even fundamentally renew it, we would be happy to support you. Whether with our platform or as part of a consulting project. We work with agility according to the Scrum principle with the most up-to-date technologies and a high demand on professional project management.

Invite us to a “get to know us” workshop and form your own picture of our ideas and skills – free of charge, without commitment and confidential.  Make an appointment by phone at 040/514401-800 or by email to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our UX principles.

A positive user experience occurs when the software meets three criteria: operation is easy and quick (usability), the software is fun to use (joy of use) and the software offers the functionality expected of it.

Thus we achieve the great user experience of ADVUX software:

Best possible usability

  • We design the operating concept based on the actual workflow of the intended user. So at the beginning there are always first the questions: what do the work process and the working environment look like?
  • Our operating concepts map an optimum workflow and divide the work process into steps, e.g. preparation – measuring – data analysis – data export
  • We ensure that the focus can always stay directed on the essentials. Our software always provides the user with the relevant tools and information for the current workflow step – no more and no less. The GUI with its control elements is adapted accordingly. The user always has a clear, tidy, focussed screen in front of him
  • This means: we have no menu bars, no hidden menus, no right clicks (context menus), no hover/mouseover effects, no double clicks, no pop-up windows and no dialogue boxes

Outstanding functionality

  • We know that the best usability and the greatest graphics are worth nothing if the software does not do what the user expects of it
  • Our software always meets the highest demands of functionality
  • We work with scientific prevision – that is part of our evolutionary history

Enticing graphic design

  • We design the graphical user interface so that the gaze is directed. This is an essential component of our operating concept and makes an important contribution to good usability
  • All design elements follow a clear design language
  • Great graphics are just more fun and contribute to the user enjoying using the software


“If you need new software we are the right partner for you!” Really? No, not necessarily and therefore we cannot and must not promise this. Each project is a very intensive partnership collaboration between you as the customer and us as the service provider. Whether we are the right service provider for you and you are the right customer for us we cannot say at this moment. But we can talk about ourselves:

  • We are convinced about our work and we demand a lot. From our team as well as from you and your team. Only when everyone is fully behind the joint project will it succeed. Developing good software is hard work – on our side and on yours
  • We are open and honest. We attach importance to regular and constructive feedback between all project partners. There things can also be expressed that may be uncomfortable
  • We work with great passion. So we love working with people who likewise bring great passion for their work

The best way to find out whether we fit together is a personal discussion. Invite us to a “get to know us” workshop and form your own picture of our ideas and skills – free of charge, without commitment and confidential. Make an appointment by phone at 040/514401-800 or by email to

We look forward to hearing from you!

That's how we develop.

The way we develop software is the result of many years’ experience in various fields of application, roles and environments. We know what makes good software and how good software is developed.

Agile Project Management

  • We are convinced Scrum users
  • In an agile process all those involved – also on the customer side – can best contribute their skills
  • The software is also a reflection of the development process: we think, act and programme in any agile, dynamic and flexible way. And so too is our software

Modular software architecture

  • Functionalities are defined as separate modules and can be individually replaced, exchanged, removed or integrated.
  • Existing code does not need to be changed to integrate different or additional functionalities – this saves time and expense in future developments
  • Updates can apply to individual modules or even to the entire program – depending on need. This considerably reduces the input for version maintenance.
  • Thus we ensure the greatest possible flexibility and efficiency for our customers today and in the future

Microsoft’s .NET development environment

  • .Net is the development standard for Windows software
  • Quick and flexible programming
  • The greatest possible compatibility with current and future Windows operating systems. We ensure full compatibility of our software from Windows 7 upwards

Flexible operating concepts for touch screen or mouse/keyboard

  • Our software is designed for both right from the start
  • The user and the respective application environment decide which operating concept is better suited


ADVUX Standard Features

User Rights Management

  • Creating user accounts and assigning rights and roles
  • Audit Trail: all activities by the registered users are logged and can be fully exported and analysed.

Auto Save

  • Data backup is a standard tasks of the software. Forgotten to save or perhaps an unexpected system crash? No problem, the data is secure
  • The storage intervals of the AutoSave function are freely definable. By default we work with 5-second intervals

Compatible sensors

  • Our software can deal with any conceivable sensors whether video images, conductivity values or the data from power, pressure and temperature sensors

Imaging Framework

  • Our tried-and-tested framework for image editing (capturing, processing, analysis) offers innovative features for analysis

Flexible data export

  • Measurement data from the attached sensors and analysis results can be exported in any text-based format

Automation ready

  • Our software can be integrated into automated processes without great effort

LIMS / ERP integration

  • Data structures and interfaces are always clearly defined and cleanly documented
  • All conditions for integration into existing or additional software systems are present